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Here at Nathan Grassam Gents Hairdressers we offer highly experienced and skilled work at the right price. Our aim is to ensure you leave satisfied each and every time. We cater for all ages and have a very loyal and growing customer base. So whether you are looking for a classic look, or a cutting edge contemporary style, we have the tools to deliver. We have the highest ratings for a very good reason and welcome all customers old and new with genuine gratitude.


We operate on an online booking system through this website, or through our business Facebook page using the blue ‘book now’ button. This will enable you to book the stylist of your choice on a personal one-to-one basis .
The booking system is user friendly and of course gives you your own designated time slot.

‘Walk ins’ may be available if we are not booked, however we recommend you book to avoid disappointment.

Our Services and Prices



Our flagship haircut. This is the norm generally. Sprayed down with water and cut using a combination of scissors on the top and clippers on the back and sides, or just scissors all over if if you choose. Styled, dried and finished to your choice. . . A grooming product like a wax or a pomade is used to complete (optional)


Gents Wet Cut With Beard Trim


A Wet Cut as described above, but adding a Beard Trim to the service. We will shape, reduce and define the beard, softening with some oil if you choose.

Foil 'skin Fade' with Wet Cut


This is an extreme finish with the use of foil skin fading clippers on the back and sides, and not to be confused with a grade 1 or 0.5 length. The foil literally will take all the hair off as close as a cut throat razor! It is faded into the styled wet cut, and moisturised upon completion.

Foil 'skin Fade' With wet cut and Beard Trim


As described, foil skin faded round the back and sides of the hair with a Wet Cut, and a beard trim as well.



The same as Wet Cut but including a shampoo. 


GENTS WASH, CUT & FINISH with beard trim, skin fade, or both


The same as Wash, Cut and Finish, but including a skin fade, a beard trim, or both.


Beard Trim Only


To shape and define the beard and moustache, and softening with oil (optional)

Young Men Wet Cut (7 - 16 Years)


All our ‘young men’ cuts are given the same service and time as described in a ‘Gents wet cut’.. with the use of products to style and finish.

Young Men With Wash


The same as Young Men including a shampoo

Young Men Wet Cut (6 & Under)


We have always tried hard to do our best with 6 and unders! If possible we will take time to style your little ones hair to your liking. We offer a lollipop when finished as a reward!

Clipper Graded Cuts (Single Grade)


This is the same single grade all over including the top, usually between zero and grade 4. Finished with a tight tapered, or sharp square neck clean finish.

Clipper Graded Cuts (2 Grades)


‘Use of two clips’ blends the shorter clip on the sides, into the longer clip on the top. This haircut like a single clipper grade all over, is without the use of scissors, ie grade 4 on the top and 2 on the back and sides as an example, any combination of clips can be used. The same neck finish options apply.

Senior Gents Wet Cut


(65 Yrs +) We have always been happy to offer discounted pricing for our discerning Gents. This service also includes a wet cut and finish, clean neck shave, and a product to finish (optional)

* Discount only applies Mon – Fri after 9am. Full price on Sat & before 9am

Senior Gents, Wash, Cut & Finish


As described in Senior Gents Wet Cut with a nice warm shampoo

* Discount only applies Mon – Fri after 9am. Full price on Sat & before 9am

Foil 'skin fade' with wet cut, and Beard Trim


As described, foil skin faded round the back and sides of the hair, with a wet cut, and a beard trim included.

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Opening Times

Monday8am – 7.00pm
Tuesday8am – 5.30pm
Wednesday8am – 5.30pm
Thursday8am – 7.00pm
Friday8am – 5.30pm
Saturday7.30am – 4.00pm


Nathan Grassam logoTestimonials

Best Barbers in HarrogateBest Barbers in HarrogateBest Barbers in HarrogateBest Barbers in HarrogateBest Barbers in Harrogate
ThreeBest Rated

It’s hard to find a good hairdresser – someone in whom you have complete faith and trust. I’ve been having my hair cut at Nathan Grassam’s for more than 15 years now and I cannot recommend Nathan and Steve highly enough.


I have been coming to Nathan Grassam’s for several years. I come back time and again due to the relaxed atmosphere and good customer service.


My usual hairdressers were closed and I needed my hair cut for a special occasion. I had never been to Nathan’s before, so I was slightly apprehensive. Nathan and Steve were really friendly and they offered me a coffee and I watched TV whilst I waited for my turn. I was really happy with the service and now I just wouldn’t go anywhere else!


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